US refuses to help Ecuador save rainforest from oil drilling

The Ecuadorian government has a unique proposal, being considered by other developing countries with petroleum reserves.  They ask for financial help that would partially compensate them for the lost income of NOT drilling for oil.  They’re asking for 50% of the  estimated $7.6 billion in oil revenues they would gain from oil drilling. They have received some financial help from a number of European nations and stalled drilling for about 2 years.  The US has refused to help.

The area in question in a very bio-diverse area of Ecuador’s rainforest, inhabited by many species of animals and by a small number of native peoples who depend on the forest for their livelihoods.  A recent video report by Ann Curry of NBC shows us the pristine rainforest, its animal and plant life, its native people, and the damage that oil drilling has done to other areas of Ecuador’s rainforest (from 1960s to 1990).

See for their recent article with links to Ann Curry’s video, to the Guardian article on Ecuador, and to Robert F Kennedy’s article on big oil and the Republican Party.

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