The Population Bomb Redux: Stephen Emmott’s new book “10 Billion”

Anyone paying attention to what humans do to our planet will not be surprised to hear Stephen Emmott say we need to curb population growth (see The Population Bomb Paul Ehrlich, 1968.)

I plan to read 10 Billion.  An except is published by The Guardian.  Emmott reminds us that EVERYTHING we humans do uses water, air, land, and energy.  Having an energy efficient car or house won’t cut it if there are 10 billion people.  We are kidding ourselves unless we figure out ways to help each other curb population growth.

The fact that I have only one child had the biggest positive impact on the planet:  more important than my efficient car and house, my low-flow toilets, recycling, etcetera.  This is the type of harsh truth Stephen Emmott writes about.  Now I want to read his book.


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