The Flintstone “mobile” — The ELF & TruckIt

The ELF is a motorized recumbent tricycle with a fiberglass shell;  it stands for Electric, Light and Fun; and is legally classified as a bicycle.  It can travel on bike paths in most — but not all — municipalities.  It includes headlights, brake lights, turn signals, a solar panel, and a small electric motor which “helps the rider pump  up hills.”  At 135 pounds it will need a little motor.  The base price is $5000 and itt is Made in USA.

Creator Rob Cotter, 56, thinks his invention could liberate millions of drivers who aren’t fit or fearless enough to bike for daily transport. ‘Ninety percent of people who should be using a bike don’t, because they’re afraid of that big hill or of getting caught in the rain, falling and hurting themselves,’ he says.  ‘The ELF solves that.’ — AARP

We learn from Mother Nature News that Organic Transit, Cotter’s company based in Durham, N.C.,  has  sold 100 ELFs to date and they plan to

Organic Transit is also planning to make a light delivery “TruckIt” version that can carry 800 pounds.   The ELF, we are told has a small rear jump seat, but we don’t know how many pounds it can carry.  (The TruckIt reminds us of “moto-taxis” in South America, which carried 3 passengers and luggage on the back of a 125 cc motorcycle.)

Hats off to Organic Transit!


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