Training & Testing


eZing provides building performance training and testing for weatherization contractors, BPI BA & EP candidates, RESNET candidates, and others.

  • John and Cheryl will teach the Illinois Weatherization Contractor Certification class again, Jan 28 to Feb 1.  It is a 5-day class and is required for insulation contractors serving the DOE weatherization program.  Contact the Director of the Energy Technology sequence at Wilbur Wright CC at 773-481-8979 to sign up.  This is the 21st class!
  • John and Cheryl are BPI test proctors for Building Analyst (BA) and Envelope Professional  (EP) certifications.  They provide field testing at the eZing “home/office” — a real home — for the complete field test experience.  We also provide a “refresher” course (“mentoring”) to aid in preparation for the written and for field test.
  • Pending selection of training grants to non-profits, Cheryl will provide installer training for the new BPI RBE-WHALCI certification (two weeks) and John will conduct another round of Energy Auditor training — a 6 week course which includes training for BPI BA and EP certifications.
  • Cheryl’s Reaching Your Target:  Finding the Air/Pressure Boundary in Complex Houses  has been accepted for the 2013 Illinois Home Performance Buiding Science Training Series.  A minimum of two, one-day classes will be given in late winter/early spring.  Schedule TBA.
  • Cheryl and John  have received train-the-trainer instruction and plan to deliver a “hands on” whole house and duct air leakage Duct and Envelope Tech (DET) one-day course in late winter/early spring.  TBA.  The course is intended for contractors to verify houses conforming to the 2012 Illinois Energy Conservation Code that kicks in Jan 1, 2013.
  • John will train heating installation firms and provide QA services for the QAP program as Energy Star version 3 for homes increases the field verified energy practices of certified new construction.  QA will be administered by Alliance for Environmental Sustainability, which also manages LEED for Homes.
  • John and Cheryl both received pilot tests for BPI’s newly created Retrofit Installer  and Energy Auditor certifications.  Pending results, eZing will provide refresher training and will proctor exams for these new BPI certifications.
  • eZing has assisted the Community Weatherization Action Teams, low cost weatherization education program of Chicago Department of Environment with workshops and other tasks.  See the C-WAT Manual that guides hands-on work and graphic guides that assist homeowners to select effective “next steps” to reduce energy use.

John and Cheryl provide a depth of experience in energy auditing, building construction, and retrofit work that is difficult to find in other Chicago firms.   You are not likely to find a firm with greater depth of knowledge and experience in the art and science of energy auditing.

If you or your organization need building performance training by experienced professionals with a proven track record give us a call!

(See News and Events under “Our Services” for a complete list of past training and educational events.)