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The Flintstone “mobile” — The ELF & TruckIt

The ELF is a motorized recumbent tricycle with a fiberglass shell;  it stands for Electric, Light and Fun; and is legally classified as a bicycle.  It can travel on bike paths in most — but not all — municipalities.  It includes headlights, brake lights, turn signals, a solar panel, and a small electric motor which […]

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Sustainable Transportation: Ecuador

In the small country of Ecuador — roughly the size of Colorado — its 15 million people appear to be very mobile despite using 11 times fewer vehicles (cars, buses, trucks, commercial vehicles) per person than we do in the US.   The US has 797 vehicles per 1000 people, compared to 71 vehicles in Ecuador.  […]

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Bus Rapid Transit: From South America to Chicago

From WBEZ: The first phase of a closely watched Chicago bus project would “maximize street potential” along more than five miles of Ashland Avenue for about $50 million, city officials announced Friday. The project would establish bus rapid transit (BRT) along that congested artery from 31st Place to Cortland Avenue. The city will study possible extensions […]

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