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eZing will present the 21st session of the Illinois Weatherization Installer Certification 5-day course in late January.  Required for insulation contractors serving the DOE weatherization program, interested parties may contact the Director of the Energy Technology sequence at Wilbur Wright CC  –  773-481-8979.

Cheryl Pomeroy and John Porterfield have received train/trainer instruction and will deliver a “hands on” whole house and duct air leakage Duct and Envelope Tech (DET) one-day course to increase capacity to verify houses conforming to the new Illinois Energy Conservation Code that kicks in Jan 1, 2013.

John will train heating installation firms and provide QA services for the QAP program as Energy Star version 3 for homes increases the field verified energy practices of certified new construction.

Pending selection of training grants to non-profits, Cheryl will provide installer training for the new BPI RBE-WHALCI certification (two weeks) and John will conduct another round of Energy Auditor training (six weeks).

John and Cheryl both recently received pilot tests for BPI’s newly created Retrofit Installer and Energy Auditor certifications.  Pending results, eZing will provide refresher training and will proctor exams for these certifications.

Cheryl’s Reaching Your Target:  Finding the Air/Pressure Boundary in Complex Houses  has been accepted for the 2013 Illinois Home Performance Buiding Science Training Series.

As an Energy Impact Illinois (EI2) approved energy assessment firm, eZing directs our clients who prefer an independent energy audit to the generous rebates available through EI2 insulation firms.

John is working on an Integrated HVAC concept that is intended to be the least costly route to high efficiency gas hot water and home heating.

John and Cheryl are both test proctors for Building Analyst and Envelope Professional and provide field testing at the eZing “home/office” that provides a full experience with the BPI field test protocol.  We also provide a “refresher” course to aid in preparation for the written and for field test.  We will test for Energy Auditor and Retrofit Installer and plan having proctor status beginning winter 2012/13.

eZing has assisted the Community Weatherization Action Teams, low cost weatherization education program of Chicago Department of Environment with workshops and other tasks.  See the C-WAT Manual that guides hands-on work and graphic guides that assist homeowners to select effective “next steps” to reduce energy use.

John has taken H-QUITO quality assurance instruction that is aligned with HVAC installation of ventilation to ASHRAE 62.2 standard, and other aspects of v3 of the Energy Star for Homes Program. Instruction is provided by Advanced Energy, and QA will be administered by Alliance for Environmental Sustainability, which also manage LEED for Homes.

eZing is a SEDAC Design Assistance partner, providing free energy audits for qualifying facilities.  We bring special expertise in medium-scale commercial buildings and multi-unit housing, including steam heating.

Cheryl and John will provide duct and envelope testing (DET) certification training to prepare for Illinois’ leadership position adopting the IECC2012 energy code.  One day training provides a thorough orientation to test equipment, related instruction, and test for certification for $250.  See the Illinois Home Performance training calendar for opportunities.

John and Cheryl presented “Do-It-Yourself Energy Audit” at Chicago Center for Green Technology, June 2, and then at the Midwest Renewable Energy Association fair June 15-17.  The MREA, in its 23rd year, is the largest renewable energy education event in the world.  Contact us and we will transmit this presentation material to you.

John Porterfield has received Certified Energy Manager designation from AEE, recognizing commercial building energy auditing expertise.

John Porterfield is a Subject Matter Expert for energy auditor test development for new Building Performance Institute certification.

eZing has completed a fourth round of energy audit support for the DELTA Institute weatherization program, more than 400 initial and final audits, a rich resource of observations.

eZing, with North Branch Works (formerly LEED Council) workforce instructors, has completed a third multi-week energy auditing course for the DCEO Urban Energy Auditor program.  This work includes curriculum design, mock-ups, BPI testing, hands-on work with local auditors, train the trainer, etc.

eZing is listed at the Illinois Home Performance with Energy Star and Energy Impact Illinois web sites.

eZing staff attended ACI 2012 in Baltimore including the “Delivering EE to Middle Income households” session  .  ACI 2011, included a two day “mini course” on air tightness testing of large buildings.

eZing “how to” videos, produced by Claire Johnson.

eZing has provided training for State of Illinois weatherization contractor certification for all CEDA insulation contractors, a five day course initiated with ARRA-funded expansion of the DOE weatherization program Nov, 2010.  Funded by DCEO and designed and managed by Indoor Climate Research & Training staff at UIUC, instruction is provided at the new DOE Weatherization Training Center at the Wilbur Wright campus of the City Colleges of Chicago.  Cheryl Pomeroy and Javier Gonzalez of eZing initiated instruction in Spanish in November, 2011.

What happens after an energy audit?  Owners Representative Services.with Cheryl Pomeroy Is a one-of-a-kind on YouTube.  See all eZing videos.

eZing has received Angie’s List Super Service Award for energy auditing, 2011, 2010 and 2009.

Cheryl and John are blogging efforts to reduce carbon footprint – home, home office, auto, transit, travel, recreation, buying, eating, property we own, etc.  Hope you’ll follow us and let people you know who are interested in reducing carbon footprint know about our blog.   We hope to make information actionable for followers AND provide enough detail that people get a better sense of what carbon reduction actions are all about.