A Letter to Senator Mark Kirk: We need a Carbon Tax

Thanks to fellow Oak Parker, Doug Burke for a thoughtful letter to Illinois Senator, Mark Kirk (R), found in the Chicago Sun-Times print version, April 4.

“I am very pleased to see Sen. Mark Kirk’s statement in favor of gay marriage. Both his own statement, and the coverage in the Sun-Times suggest that he was brought to this position largely by his own close brush with death and a new appreciation for what is important in life. Good for him!

I hope he will now apply the same new outlook to the problem of global warming. Kirk has to be among the many Republicans who know very well that climate change is an urgent problem. But these Republicans have been intimidated by the fossil fuel-funded denier crowd. Please, Sen. Kirk, let your new courage shine through. Acknowledge that climate change is serious. The simplest step to address this on a large scale is a carbon tax.”


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